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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana • 3

Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana • 3

Lafayette, Indiana
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LAAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER HARDING GIVES IS RANCE WINNING IN RUHR AND WEST SIDE NEWS UNIVERS APPROVAL TO GARDEN WEEK Purdue of Mr to the Hast Side for and fterends Over 1 7 Million Jara Used Yearly' part a BROTHERHOOD Power from day SOS 51 a roll 13 Gun Wounds atal Lubricating Engineers who Automobile Chart of 4 Use annually awarded Cpolarine Auburn Hay State a'nd Hlade in ive Grades were cl Ma son CWxnen Cbevrolei cm rs HOW and is a twin sister of Airs Gard oil to the garageman The length of life of Doma Elpn MEN iat tpolarine Most After order I Wescott es were the 4 scjir' ALWAYS PONE RIGHT AT THE entertaining Kline Kar or reeonntndcHoa of grata of Potato to 3091 RITTER Prop Oil Co (Indian) atatioa A THE DPERECT MOTOR OIL Sr you of of the ed era 14 LM I Mrs Perry An at Sunday dln and family of siib he that MLLMLL HL the first written unsatis froni a Seneca Shad Wick Skitoo Standard the With Dmat 4 Durant ErL Potato Harry Potato Spactol tn Mr pie of Rochester lie iindervJent at the Mayo i official labor le Dacmar Ijaiuela Davi Potato Heavy Ace Ambaeaador American Anderaon 11 sh nneard Jpftjl soft and the condition Work Tuesday aft the com so obvious to require L' armers' club Mr and Mrs evening o'clock THE PERECT MOTOR OIL 18 Main St Spencer 51 iss mid one Iawson of Decatur Boor Davi Bournonvilla Rotary Brewater Buiek Hib Cadillac is no longer although born an the 1 re South AT ACTRESS WAS MADE SLIM Climber Cote Columbia Comet Corinthian Courier Crawford Howard jdaon Huffman llnpmobilc Jewett Jordan Ketay Kin Hli7a The Dame Phono 3660 only one ternal Brotherhood! member advisory Wash made a board of Indian Preiw) 13 Captain of the Russian refugee ship Batareiau and! killed himself aboard his vessel Monday The cause of his suicide is not known stage people now depend en iipon Martnola Prescription for (reducing and controlling Model A AU other ModeIeL Bell Biddle Model 3 305M been spending 51 lamt their home on street he of Hampshire iin would The essence of true economy is to change youi club will with at man named en forcemen uointed out ments Hint there was nothing new' in evidence in any way to Incrim inate those tjiose names were on Coot Motor Dmanbax Motor Rock alla 1 Rolla RpyoeH Saxon I TONE UP Tf iE KIDNEYS Backaehe' rheumatic pajns tired feeling symptoms of distressed kidneys Kidney ills tone up the kidneys and quickly relieve kidney and bladder trouble In I sist upon oleys Refuse substf 1 tutes Hogan Drug Co I the steamship George Washington know of no vital issue pending witli the Spanish government" 51r Moore said "AnU well as a newspaper man I did a lot of talk ing for 42 years Ibut now I find myself absolutely padlocked with Secretary Hughes holding the The Senator and 51 rs Johnson plan to toup leisurely for nest Vi Tuesday Evening March 13 1923 The second debate of the season at Purdue will be held in Howler hall riday evening affirmative team of Notre and Purdue's negative li oft bo that eveyy blackhead and the £kln will be pores inaflielr natural government the! allied stating that to resume married poet on to the Russian will have become an desires to Mr Ross will of po cuke Eunice 5IeCltntlc has to Garv where she Is at a teacher in the schools i week end visit with her 51 and 51 rs Uorth Bluff gunshot wounds alleged to have been received when his brother jesse shot him The brothers were to have been quarreling over ihoney matters Lexincton Liberty Lincoln Locomobile Mermon 34 Martin Wap Maxwell Mearlaa i Mercer 4 Mercer Metropolitan Mitchell' 1 1 Monroe Moon Nash 6 40 0 Neleon K'nnti Model 3 All other Mode! Northway Oakland Oldsmobile bf Overland Packard SOUT1I BEND Ind March 13 Walter Smith ot Philadelphia I ex pi sid ntt of he American Barpissociation lias been awarded the 1923 laieturei medal of Notre Dame university Mr Sniith lias served as president! of the ederation of Roman Societies of Penn sylvania and also as a of President Harding's armaments conference in ington He! war member of the commissioners The medal is to a Roman Catholic layman who has distinguished himself in the service of the nation and eiiureb in Mrs the house areen The evening was high Winter Nam Car Motor Oil Kurts 1 MM and Albrecht Kipp of Indianap and Airs "A n1 Mrs Walter Sharp of owler were visiting relatives in Boswell Sun day 5Ir and James and 'attended the tournament at Purdue ar riday Mr and The four numbers which derson entertained The ner Ray Conner non about a the husband two daughters 51 rs of Monon and 51 rs One this ROSSVILLE 5Iissionary society of church met Shavin 35c Bottle1 by dru store If have it have them presented a high cominis Turkey is peace negotia weeks The Winter Motor Oil ML He court ore a charge of stealing a street continued orie week The boys are alleged to have taken the car front the bains nn? run it on the main line When pursued they are legeil to have jumped and a izen boarded it and shut off power to prevent' a collision Isadora No Longer American Citizen international New1 Service! Executive Endorses Project in Letter to President of ederated Clubs King Rawl brother city and one Duse of Zion At any Standard Oil Service Station Pkttenon Peertai I lerc Arrow Pilot rf Premier I 4 Knight Reo Revere Rickenbacktr Riddle you a bottle Prepared by ROY DICKERSON bdgaxiiport Ind When You Catch Cold Rub on Musterole Hiram Johnson Sails or European Trip (By the Associated Press) NEW YORK March 13! Alexan tier Moore a former Pittsburg publisher recently appointed min ister to Spain and Senator Hiram Johnson of were among the passengers who left on liw day home lit 1 it center of the table was beautifully decorated in ly enjoyed in games Those pres ent were: CJauser Iindis held at rankfort ctiHch 1 Assessor John (J begun the listing MEETS Senior ra of the irst DABYS COLDS are soon in the without by use of Model A Modal Sterlmc Knight Stereo Duryea Stratton Premta Studebaker nL Stat' SunL Tempta' Notre Dame Medal Awarded to Smith Your Engine! SLOW any number of engine troubles are due to iml'i proper lubrication This is particularly true in winter Prohi Officials Alone Must Act in Prosecuting CasqsBy the AjmoHarpd Press 1 5VASH INGTON March 13 Pro hibition otticiaLs luMiselves must Daura Black Caroline nsannah Jones Iois 5Iary Davisson Margaret Bernice Richards and irv Hufford The local chapter of the Hastcrri Star planned to en tertain the Masdns and their fam ilies at a St day social on uestiay evening at the sonic hall A MbYER Dry Goods and Notions OAKLAND HILL Many irely Tablets fat One clever actress tells that he reduced steadily and easily by uslug this new form of the famous Afarnio la Prescription and now by taking VInrmola Talklets several times a year i keeps her wtilght just right All good druggists sell 5Iarniola Prescription Tnhlntu a glnllnw frY gnao i if you prefer' you can secure then itirecc mini i lie itarnioli 1 Ave Detroit 51lch If i you have not tried them do so are harmless' and effective Mill at mine in Mulheim wricking full blast supervision of rench experts That ''rance may be slowly but Purely making her Ruhr venture a success Is indicated by this photo just received from Mulheim in the heart of the rich industrial section Tho smelting plant above is working at full capacity under the direction of rench engineers and experts where short services rs 1 Reynolds and essary in connection with the dis covery in recent bootleg raids here of a list of Washington residents which included the names of sev eral officials of the state depart ment of many officers of the army navy and marine' corps After a preliminary inquiry Mon yeas indicated tnat me war and navy departments would take no further step in the matter but would regard euch case aswa personal matter between the and the proiniuiion authorities It was it all three depart Accuse Six Boys of Stealing Street Car COUNCIL! BLUS la Mar 13 Grim Reaper Takes Toll at Monticello (Special to Junriinl anti Courier IMONTICELLO Ind 5farch The grim reaper har been busy in 5Ionticello and vicinity during the past few days and has taken as its toll several well known cit izens The funeral' of Airs John Jmse of Afotion formerly of this city was held from the home of Mr and 51 rs Smoker 312 West Broadway Sunday afternoon at 2:00 services being con ducted by Rev II Wilson pas tor of the Presbyterian ami interment being rnadu in Riv erview cemetery Mrs 1 resided in 5Ionticello for more than and moved to Mo year ago Besides site is survived by an Instructor the dairy depart ment at Pudue has been ap pointed to the board of trustees of Pennsylvania College by Gov Gifford Pinctiot of PennsylvaniaMr Rasmussen came to Purdue immediately after his graduation from lowff Slate college in 1902 uas Lecture on Birds By uertes at Convo Convocation at Purdue Thurs day morning will be given by Ixuiis Agassiz uertes whose sub ject will be Songs ami Calls ar Is a famous painter of birds in his study of them Ings has leamed to songs and the cs almost perfectly these calls to illustrate his lecture inati as well as a number of which Tie has painted Mr uertes will also lecture be fore the University club AVednes dlvy evening his subject at this time being "Protective Coioratirtn of Animals the Basis 'of the Sci ence of Camouflage rhts ject covers a yvlde field and lecture will be illustrated bv ored sli' des prepared by uertes ormer Instructor Appointed to Board rederick Rasmussen formerly Shaving Lotion The having Txition tilth 1 a a a Engineering Class To Hear (SDavef Ross Speak at University The class in engineering admin istration at Purdue which meets Thursday morning at 10 in the lecture room of the electrical engineering lecture joom will be addressed by David Ross on the subject and Technics" Mr Ross Is general manager of the Ross Tool and Gear company and has been markedly successful with his inventions along the line of steering controls for trucks and automobiles In addition to this Mr Ross is also a member of the board of trustees of Purdue uni versity and a man of the most' practical and advanced ideas Purdue engineers are assured an excellent hour as Mr Ross speaks with ease and vigor ew men ore dearer to the hearts of the students than Mr Ross It is to him and George Ade that Purdue owes the gift of a new field which will make athletic expansion at Purdue possible Th hla enecch stress the Importance of ethics to an engineer because of the fact that all society looks to him to solve "the problems for the com mon good and bls relations with all must be above reproach No bod can speak with more author It than Ross on this sub ject! as he has the confidence and esteem of all who know him windier Wtoton KEY 51 and 5(rs James Van elt and Mr and 5Irs Roy Cowan of Huntington are here having been called by the death of 51rs Van and 51 rs Cowan's mother 51 rs Charles Roth Mr and Mrs George Breese who have been spending the winter months in Miami la have urned 5Iain VEVAY Ind March Alec tiine 49 years iiltl died on the 51a rch A ixj nt iM tiii inn timing oi Luse Jiad Ross township Rev chairman ot the conference which conducted in Rossville has re ceived a letter from Dr Ada Schweitzer of the infant and chi Id hygiene division of the Indiana state board that people examinet'l at club as Organization This steal comedy with mosphere having a ty flve in addition The plot has been the atmosphere rt'ic This play the board after having a revue dents were decide! to be factory It was chosen large group of plays as being the one which would give the greatest pleasure to local audiences on the play startea ernoon WASHINGTON March Isadora Duncan the temperamen 1 jtal dancer whose recent outburst 1 against American institutions and 'America aroused the Itary of latbor Davis at? American citizen in this country said statement put out by nurtment When Miss Duncan Serge Kssenine Russian April 1 1922 according statement she acquired citizenship and probably difficulty to a gau American citizen if do so ray land on ol to! dimtolvA Just Ret from drug: store alioUt two ounces of ralotjjke spripklo a on a hotJ wot cloth 2nd Local Debate or Purdue riday Imnrovintr 51 Harry Hartley are mov Samuel Robert inley of were Boswell viSi Eugene Miller spent Squeeze Blqck heads Dissolve Them Spaezltir and pi ndi 1 1 out black heniJi make tlic pores laratp and causa irrifatiori Blackheads lVr caused by ac i aniulii ttona of dust iatKl dirt and 5fr uertes and for his paint re produce the of the birds He will use 5Ilss turned ployed after a parents 5Tr and 5Irs Allen 51c Clintlc 323 Uorth Bluff street 51rs Gardiner Sunday re ceived a message announcing the birth of a daughter Gloria Belle and Mrs William 11 Lem Tern Since leaving served on tle faculties state college state college and Penn state col lege He served as secretary of agriculture of Pennsylvania during the last PERSONAL AND GENERAL Mrs Shively of Thornell street will entertain the members of her group of the Purdue Wom en's club at ier home Wednesday afternoon Albert Jamison and Sam Coch ran have returned frohi a several visit in Indianapolis 51 Southworth went to Chi cago Tuesday on a business trip Miss Irene? lnitrn of Cincin snemliner several davs at willies a The Three meet Wednesday afternoon 5Irs Harry Rank at her home 143 Andrew Place ritsbie and family Vi street have returned from visit lin Detroit Rev A Kenna left Tuesd lor where he will con duct revival services during the next two e(qs He will be asso ciated with the Rev Alar lin who conducted the evangelis tic campaign! at the irst 5ieth odist church in ebruary Airs Lewis ot Wiggins street is taking treatments at St Elizabeth hospital Marshall King anti familv form erly of North Grant street hae moved rinktoi remont Gardner Grant HuxOey KatanunoM Handley KxccM Hanaon Hatfield I Bayne Mode! 48 6S 1 Model 77 A 73 CL 8 It is lecom many doctors ana for sore rheuma pleurisy stiff asthma neural pains and aches joints sprains chilblains all sorts BOSWELL Steve Scanlon made a trip to Detroit the latter the week Everet White vine family' here who has been helping care for her brother Harley Anderson who is ill returned to her home in owler Saturday rank Mink i who has been so seriously ill with pneuumonia has passed the crisis uuu is rapiaiy ami urs I jing to Talbot this wee leiiniig ana reeland Park tors riday Sunday at home witli his mother (Mrs Belle Miller Mrs Barber who has been spending tbe winter with her son at Muncie returned to her home in Boswell riday red Carlson and fam ily of Oxford were visiting Mis Iena Hakerson Sunday The Or i der of Eastern Star will enter 1 tain the Masonic fraternity at the woodward olinntnH rnom zvva wwni vx A llltl nuaV ning 5Iarch 22 A program will be given and refreshments servedRue Alexander and family are moving to his farm at Talbot this week Ray' 5Iallenand family will occupy the home va cated by Jtlr Alexander and familyMrs Arthur Anderson is vis iting? her parents in Chicago this week4 Mr and Mrs Raleigh Laughlin of Urbana III visiting relatives in Boswell over aunaay a rs MCAoams Airs VZ 1 tL W4 I tle 5IcAdams Sunday Mr nnzl ISvui I'm! mu' 14114 dilMJIl The Thursday Afternoon club! its regular meeting at the ttf Allis Dao Alxlt I afternoon outlined program was given led by' Mrs Mc Adams and dainty refreshments were served: 51 rs' erry Anderson and Mrs Irvin ix were guests of tlie hostess Russian Commander Commits Suicide By the ARsodated 1 March commander refugee ship jtion of Women's Qlubs for a Na 'tional Garden Week this spring The benefits both to individuals who take part and to niunity as a whole are tlhat they seem hardly enumeration sinporolv "WARREN HARDING" 5Irs Winter says of the pur pose of Garden Week: "Perhaps nothing could help tostabilize our minds and spirits in this very tumultuous time somuch as a profound and intimate i realization of the" steadiness of IT? universe in which we live ttw law its orderliness its magnificent long purposes anti recurrences The Garden movement means a great deal mote than getting alittle plot of land where the child or the grownLup can raise a few Lon DOU 1 a iAQ If nipnns £3 1M that serene contact with the vital ity and reliability and serenity Inature of purpose and fulfillment lof humau life as related to forces infinitely greater than itself I tlie reason we club women backing Garden Week We lieve in tbe kind of activity 'links itself with ordered I pose that sees the day' as a of eternity" motor oil every 500 miles and fill up the iigiiL giaue ui Bitha Sellars cf tndianap st ndinsr file week ns the nest of Mrs' Edwatd vet's of the Kron flats i orresi htrfty has retur ned from Indianapolis where he spent the I week end Air and Mis' I Hammond entertained the members of tire dairy department at Purdue at dinner Satuhlny night at their home on Russell street Siegfried of the English department Kt Purdue is in Roch ester Alrnn where an optical operation Brothers hospital Wabash Township No 1 will meet with Brockway ridav Dinner will tye served at 7 business part of Of Dan spent Sunday wttJi his JAIiss Lois Anuerson (By the AMoriated PressJ WASHINGTON March 13 NationaJ Garden Week Campaignwill te nondiirfpil hv the General ederation of Clubs April i 22 to 28 President Harding pas given the projects his endorse I ment in a letter to Mrs Thomas lAVinter president of the federa tion as follows: dear Airs Winter: I am glad to assure my endorsementprogram of the General your engine as well as your own comfort driving is involved debate on the subject: That the allied: war debts due the? oI1m tinned States from the great war should be Prof Brandenburg cf the education de partment at Purdue will be chair man of the debate ami the firttsres will be furnished by Goshen col lege ranklin college and Indiana Central college negative team' will be the opixment of tlie Earlliam col lege team at Earlham riday evening These teams were tors in the first and close contest is anticipated 1 ian 9:30 rn and a Alctbo irt a rn Brethren 9:15 a Wayne pleasantly number of girls on in honotl of their bi rl hday A luncheon consisting baked salad The affair carried out in St style A large birthday cake twene candles adorned of the table Tim StamlardTOil Company LAAYETTE (Indiana) INDIANA JR: i of Monon and Ins of Gary AlcCauley of sister Mrs 5 Bethel also survive Sunday night Mrs residing near Patton miles south of this away after over a period of almost two years She also had formerly resided here with her family moving to the farm a few years ago Besides the husband she is survived by nine The funeral was to be held Tuesday afternoon at the Patton church The funeral of Samuel Robinson a veteran of tlie civil wjir who passed away at the home of his daughter Airs William Mull on North "Railroad street Sunday was held Tuesday morning 10 and interment was made in the yonticello cemetery The body of Mrs Anna Lawson wife of Charles Ifiwson of De catur Ind was brought to this city and interred Alonday morning Hnath nnenrrnrl nt Decatur riday qight following a I brief illness of pneumonia and funeral services were held from the Christian church In that Sunday afternoon at 3 aft er which the body was brought! here and taken to the home of Mrs Julia Poet on North Alain street bold this morning formerly resided at 1 was well known Imre vived by the husband two daugh ters Airs George Spencer of Burnettsville and Dawson of Decatur Harold of the of health wtiose children were the conference write at once to their representatives in Charles Roth the legislature giving their ap auout live prectation and telling tn what way city passed i if any their children were ben illness extending etited by the conference's work Mrs Harj'y Gochenotir accompan ied by her parents Mr anti Mis David Siegfried of Mulberry have gone td la ollow ing are tlm ehurcl Sunday Ata rch 18: Sunday school at preaching at 10:30 di st Sunday school i a nd preaching at Sundav school at i Airs William a jTirty evening daughter 12th 6 clock creamed chicken rolls tatoes celery pickles and jello was served Stanwood Sx Star Store Knight Stephen Six Harlequins Choose Popular Musical Comedy by Cohan "George Washington by George Cohan has been select ed by the board of the Harlequin I rne vftawe wi nmi play Is a mu a college at cast of to the chorus molded to suit anl life at was selected by ytlans of It is the oil chosen by the drivel who wants pep economy and power fromjhis car Polarine is a specialized made only from crudes chosen for their high lubricating properties Polarine avoids carbon troubles This is nrov by hundreds of tests in laboratory and on the road under toughest driving conditions 1 1 Specify Polarine leave the choice of aril A 1 1 The 1 Mrs Jones Thursday after noon Kenneth Hufford was home from Indiana university over the week end Mr and Airs A Bryan of this place have sent the board of trustees of the new Clinton county hospital check for $200 to be used in furnishing a room in that building The frMtY rn onn nnmner nr i Dyceum course under the aus pices of the junior class of the lo cal nigh senool was given at opera house on riday with Colonial a rlo course will be sponsored! by coming junior class next year the contract has already been ranged twill be given next year are Turks Willing to Resume Overtures or Peace Treaty iiueriuu ttuuii News CONSTANT Hamid Bey representative of the Angora note to stoners willing tions withjg wording Tlie communication was conciliatory but it gave gression that the Tuillght if pressed to it Jubilee (four negroes)' IT TzoTay Rainsville Qra Sigler and familv In of it Vi A znts T' rx lJi yiKlLUlX HIV GlVtl UIUII I IV C141 tl ami the Hhtd Duo Consider able excitement was caused last held riday bj the disappearance of home 'little Mayme Nevin age 5 daugh ter of Mr and Mrs Earl Nevin 20S BunneiL street rankfort I After a search of several houre 'the little girl was fount! wander Ing down West Morrison street in rankfort The little girl is a granddaughter of Mr and Airs Elmer Clark of Prep arations are under way in the lo cal high schol for the ninth dis trict music memory contest to be 20 Peters has! property in Jones Child Health was recently I Alusterole is easy to and it gels in its goZd work right away i a i i mm pirriu3 turning into "flu" or pneumonia i just apply ausieiuie wm fingers it does all the good work of mustard plaster without tlie blister Alusterole is a clean while oint ment made of oil of mustard and other home simples mended by nurses Try Alusterole throat cold on the chest tism lumbago neck bronchitis gia congestion of the back and sone muscles bruises fiosted colds of 'Seldom fails to deliver results 35c and G5c jars and tubes hospital size $300 Better than a mustard plaster If you are not using Polarine you are not getting the power ybur engine is capable of nor all the economy Polarine will avoid undue strain oii battery and on starter It will avoid worn bearings and scored cylinders Polarine gets into action the moment the engine starts because iisr viscosity is scientifically its body stable without being heavy Itss consistency even in the coldest weather is such that it spreads quickly forming a perfect film between all the moving metal surfaces Polarine is scientifically adapted to develop the full efficiency of your engine 1 The grade of Polarine specified in the chart is specified by our Board Lubricating Engineers who know the design and construction of your car 4 Get ALL The! Methodist chtwCh was held Af on day evening 7i30 in the ciiuruii large nui tne au: Robert lors There were a in attendance In nf the nresiaent vror Phillips Prof Gunn vice president prestaea Initiation was held for John Ter man Paul Riley and George It was votekl to give $25 to the Community Chest Other matters of routine business were dis cussed 1j or CoMs Influerixa and as a I Preventive i I I TakelWri wwlilr II UrLTjILw A Bf fella mB a i iil xr i The irst and Original and Grip Tablet Tbe box bears this sipiature i VI 9 a Rub hnr1 eA 1 7 i no zr i rtuu 1 Cleaning Lafayette Dy pyi rame i 4 i'1 I I.

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