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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana • 18

Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana • 18

Lafayette, Indiana
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LAAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER riday Evening October 15 1926 18 GOVERNMENT TO Railroad News MENTAL TEST TO HOGSGOLOWER GETOUTOEAIR BE GIVEN JUROR AT ALL MARKETS health for sev Member and friends arc cordially INMURDERTRIAL invited was due to 43(4 44 99 5il man J4O0 13 87(13 95'13 bl under which Attica 00 down down 00 00fl 9 7 uo COftf 5 50 5 00 oo 8 found 8 it 3 9 great lad Good butcher that 2 6 his ELECTION BOARD Additional Classified Ads Depart 13 AUCTION SALES are 15 GETTING BUST JO down Auction Sale of Duplex SPECIAL Saturday October 23 A 1 most NEW HARLEQUIN Moral Values Reasonable Price 15 18 Can Re Seen at the 28 toms) has five CLUB DIRECTOR 3 ra 1 ho' 1 3r orse electorate will GRAIN AUTO REPAIRS SUPPLIES of of AND lbs that Oats RADIATORS LEGAL NOTICES I auramie Mr Try and unchanged ession Phone 3927 taken on trains 1 in AL'S TIRE SHOP SOLTI! iuota dnly SOO after proper and Auto Repairing thy scc comrnit adult Midway Auto Sales steal second Mrs Emma Todd Dies in Tl rrnth TOLEDO TRANSER AND STORAGE whtto Pi'S? seed The outstanding action Is at hi yin off foi in JOE ARDAPPLE i pro 1638 Main irst long he west Huckjtep steel locked rooms i th Private Ot Ildne I rial Hatb of We Need Your resh EGGS lian a irjiH ii most tn to ra ham It pays to advertise in violin the Classified Ads dO99SO9QO90999QOOQ9QOO09 net at Of in running south property hr truck KB i 77 85 lu 43 47 1 Gs lbs 8 6 00 tame born and will transfer of private enu Art! clea 11 10 9 6 5 5 50 Ifi to to to to 11 4 8 7 3 sup pre vot out Mrw as i 111 JnWf extras GO 50 be de bo on purpose of stimulating inter all on tho cam May Dec be and all ui: the will in balance abstract LARD Oct Jan May 180 130 U0 IHI 50 50 at presented shade and home and excellent 1 cars mar Pitkin taining people ph as is 9 15 9 15 on oo no 00 50 yellow hite ROe 00 (0 50 Surviving brother 50 uo Power ra din more as a 7R 70 00 50 has at No 2 Moft winter $120 (3) Tip (3) I shrubs Income location lO'ir 00 oorpt tak lod 23 192'1 three dav: RIDAY uakeman was off acconnt of illness il in Gran body may Prime yearling heifers air butcher heifers at 1 lie I 'repps home I noon to Monday noon circumstance this side of reports about some damage of at Sabbath Rawles i aino anthem cat' Rouge Per 81825: nld $290 $310 Declaratory the vacation life government with a arly all sidings are cars and there were cars in the yards at ac sacred at 7:30 invited is an il cl i red here until 10 and along ox a strange oy be pipefitter has after a short invited to conductor Is up HOG steady to pounds pounds pounds pounds So Id WHEAT Dec May CORN Rec May KELLOGG HATS imately have those from 77S 85 i Voting Used Also IOpenHlghl Low CIoseCloae PricePrlce PriceOc 15 Oc 14 Railtea on ware abort take place In Machines Will Be but Ballots Will Be Ready in Case of Emergency the cnnstruc tlie alley from th" 27th Clint tel Spring lambs 60 90 lbs Bucks Throwout lambs Breeding ewee Common ewes father third first AUTOMOBILES OR SALE (Continued) the November balloting on weeks from next Tuesday machinery is already func atjon COMPANY Lyons in the wheat sharp setback Harrison of the sa vagery won of peace and 493 an Is rterL $179847 a total delivered ar loan be carried North hlo249 cked 2 40: of as bitter 50 00 00 OU 00 ballots have to the pre bn 1 beadquarters conferences I football team leaving Bloomington night riday and Chicago at 7 a Si of sale STANDARD RADIATOR SHOP hl dt hhle hhb hides hides the! county clerk's party headquarter: man the 1 1 yard engine by such proceedlnes and when the board will taka on said resolution Suf'h I Mrs Lowell Young Lor Bull Mrs Marian Bodkin "As a Hart In the or (Wilson) choir Columbia St TOILET PREPARATIONS Rice Edward ahvp i un Huil the 20 10 09 no 5 3 5V Mora motion picture film 13 produced in the United States annually Mrs will give a evening public is program Weight Mvhliitf Co nt one o'clock I nt bld: Oc 1 fi 25 $1600 41875: Crating and packing pert dish packing Vheat 33 59 ears PRICES RIGHT the board of day of Mortgage 596: blank on engineer was off corresponding time before the 1925 conference according to Mr Rowe The registration ette and Tippecanoe reported over out the Light Weights Sell Steady But Heavies Break as Much as 35 Cents Calves 50 Cents Up America has tin Phone 4231 to condition Light roughs Heavy roughs Stags locomotive division If You sire overhauled James Manning reported for duty illness Thomas eeney kiting off resting Graham 77 8 5 kelly springfield tires TUBES AND AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES T'n Hi oad Ithousrh with th a and Ohio $215235 Minnesota and Red River $200 Idaho $21 '6 Beauties oats advance Presbyterians in Survey Vote on Relative Impor tance of Each of Ten Commandments Monon Bed Harvest Home St John's church will celebrate its Harvest Home festival Sunday at a German serv ice A special thanksgiving offer ing will be received and the church ami male choirs will sing Has Been Confined in Insane Asylums our Times May Result in Mistrial of Saltis Case and unpaid church was held Thursday 'vrnhu! wiih 125 present 'lu church pro gram tor ih vojninu month wji Uamw and choir vbfl Kildwln children away in are Joseph deck market a trday Hud on Kudebakr find (renflure rake tskinsr Encouraged by their success in halt ing: the recent recovery professional speculative sellers resumed their nt taeke aigainjt all clawes ot Motors were the principal targets ns 'ears of further price cutting in the Industry and of disappointing earn ings were aroused Mark trucks and Hudson Motors toppled to the lowest beer with tSaltis on PRODI (K 15 Butter i ream er jr 41v: at ni iT OctolxT not bp on Little 300 200 180 170 weights condition JUNIOR MUSICALE The Lafayette Junior Musicale will meet this evening at 7 at Central Presbyterian church Tills meeting Is open to the public and any young person between the age of ten and eighteen the privilege' of enrolling August Bloom pipefitter helper lias been transferred from the round house to the back shop Hnginc 576 has been turned out of the erecting shop after being I The Markets The following table shows how the Jnfayetto group and the it kin group voted on the relative ten com presented the first of value Paying 45c per dozen and do not grade them de of a lbs $1375 to 160 lbs 90 to asking flows roughs $950 Young turkeys (h ns and toms) turkeys nens Butter MARK ET 35c lower has death son to the Ameri great struggle bo und Tecumseh ful MOVLNG AND STORAGE LOCAL and long distance moving private tteel storage rooms crating and pack tng for shipping Call and get my rates Otis Rawlings phone ace Powder Compacts Sachet fume Lipsticks Cream Toilet Water sagged to 150 flevrn points high Dupont brokn Than 7 points and iron hfir jiitornty fll'd In optn mn piU nt ap ilnst xald dfcfendun the affidavit of a compctuif Elmore Barce of owler Author of New Work on Indian Life in Early Days of This State on thn 7 ri in yard engine a lay off George Dnnahnr machinist visit Sunday with relative Chicago Jesse Martin machinist helper and family yvill visit Sunday In Monon Joseph Welirle blacksmith has reported for duty after a few The Christopher publishing house issued "Little Barce little and Tippecanoe turn out to county and county elcc of Harry Ilheno ami County imported I bld: I'ebruary $1600 bld alfltk rash timothy ra high andvtVJf WPfl If nMurn a member of tiie Indiana university inet the the est pus oo Much Alcohol Iter Ellison arrested on ininxlrntlon was on I than 150000 miles unto me 1 il the name in vuin of Boston Mass has just a new volume entitled written by Elmore of owler It is a neat work artistically arranged beautifully bound Mr Barce says that in writing this book he was largely influ enced by what George Catlin once said: have ever thought and Thou shall not covet nint Ii born Sep Schoniberg to America short riday Johnson Idcnmotive llrc lias been assigned to duty on 99 1 1 u6 1 a lower level much as 35e rates sold at bl killers were sosslon I'ack to condition demand that jury be discharged and declared in the Saltis the defense asked that Is 'll known tn Lafayette hav ing played tn a local music hoiic while visiting at the home ot Ceorae McDowell of Kossuth street He plavs extra bass notes with his left elbow giving his playing a style peculiarly his own All who have heard the youth agree that he shows remarkable talent 't WILT TAMS Jr WRKHO Board of Wnrkw Gy CUik and Richmond Ind Local Girl Honored a Special to Journal and Courier) BLOOMINGTON Ind Oct 15 Ida Mason of Lafayette the sub cabitv't for this year The sub cab systetn is being tried out at and at eral New said he has arrived when department could nd final hour ATTICA Market 200 ISO 170 160 Lighter to Light roughs Heavy rough i Kinnaman machinist helper is off duty for a few days on account of illness George lingers pipefitter helper has reported t'ur duty after a short illness act in liis capacity of prohibition agent was disclose a new source of the some ii ik os The Monon mart afternoon October 21 for a swim in the swimmers arc also Miss Winslow and her helpers will end girls in to join some once so that this special to follow their chins at Each Wednesday' school the Sir club meets basement New October 19: Clark and Hatfield Octo oatfl No 2 white 4 2fr barlv $500 525 $1395: friendships Parties are being planned girls' club members of 1 at the Many Activities for Young People Listed By Monon A The Monon A will give its regular ntoving picture show Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock to which all children of the north end are invited After the show weather permitting a wiener roast will be enjoyed on the playground followed Children Moving the best there is in rates and service no job too small no job too big October will follow There will be tiie boys and lhe invited' The Hallowe'en contract Xatfl 55 trade last jvar 42 cars Cars estimated today: I'AHt! corn 463 cars: oats Hojpj receipts steady Wheat primary receipts: Today 1 192000 bushels: last week 1048999 h'jAhflls last jear 1069000 bushels Dally exports: Wh at end flpur equal to 423000 bushels of wheat wheat firm corn off oats unehangred opened Rleady points took By Edison Artists A delightful recital was given in Eliza owler hall Ihirdue Thurs day evening by' Misa Elizabeth Spencer Miss Lucille Collette and William Reed under the auspices of urniture was an Edison rccit Children are come in masques and and prizes consisting of boxes of will for the ten best outfits of tiie urdue A will act as mber March March 8270 new $290 asked October December $300 ebruary March $315 MEETING TONIGHT The ord Parent Teacher asso elatton will hold a business meet ing at th school this evening at 7:30 o'clock Brainard Hooker new principal will speak an vinergency the breaking down of any of the machines been ordered accordin cinct apportionment of state lots Tins apportionment follows airfield 17 precincts) 17971 Wabash (7) 5618 1G07 Washington pecanop (2) 1559 979: Randolph 676 Wayne Union Sheffield 928 3I4S3 press for changes lates that will render uniform and provide applicable throughout regardless of distance In addition to the the continental line to tractors the overnight Chicago service also will be let by contract to private operations The bids for tiie two services will returnable sixty days after date of the advertisement never has been tiie intention Dies at Home of Son (Eoeetat to Journal anti Couilerj ATTICA Oct 14 Mrs Theresa Weinman a highly esteemed resi dent tliis place died at 2:55 this morning at the home of her son Joseph Weinman She had been in failing cral months and death complications Mrs Weinman ember 27 1867 Germany and when a young time later she was passed until morning when the tested Saltis be Involved in alleged today when it was ausau is DcpartnKnt of Public Works o' the Board ot Adoption of Resolution: Notice 13 hereby given by the board nubile works ot the city of La i'ct Ind that son 1 9 26 said board adopted liesol No 555 for DALTON POULTRY CO 129 South Second St old alike which might be to groat advantage in work on Indiana ll ivndm in cam woman was united mar Weinman who died To the union four born one passing infancy The survivors Weinman and Mrs of Attica and Henn Weinman of Bluffton She is also survived by two Pauline Wfeinnmn of Attica Joyc Ann Weinman of Bluffton and two sisters Mrs Richard Reid lingrr and Mrs Anton Schmidt of With 1 two election inning for the county choose state officials The tion board consisting Sn idem 'in republican Isherwood democrat CJerk William Jackson offieio is now engaged in procur ing the required number if bal lots EMERGENCY BALLOTS Although voting machines will be used in each of the 19 precincts of the county ballots will be printed also to be used in case of lor instance Restaurant Man Eat His Own ood tough for a res to have stomach customers were al iuror men tally unfit to sit in judgment of Saltis the trial continue with 11 men The tomorro juror Mill be came further law violation reported from Andrew Volstead father of the Volstead sp 'clal ready to Chicago receiving end William become widely torney for the trials rested easily at Mercy' hos pital today with seven bullet wounds received when he was caught in the line of gangster tire and was able to counsel with his associate when the Saltis trial developed its Intricate denouement MONON RUSHED The Monon railroad is almost blockaded with freight at tiie pres ent time full of loaded said to be 600 Louisville last out over tiie ford Mail What is the relative value each of the ten commandments moral rules? Rev It Graham nastor the Central Presbyterian church propounded this question to his congregation two weeks ago in tiie a questionnaire Approx 100 of the questionnaires been turned in the age of turning them in tanging 14 to St years Many of them voting people a large per centage being students at Purdue The results of the survey and a thereon are being Graham as the basis at the Central vesper afternoon at 4:30 theme It The dis the jurors se Saltis alleged for murder in with the removal of oley alleged had hallucinations and four had been confined In hos for the insane stood out in record of gangland ae Chlcago No arrest in to pen of Waltei in tiie magazine Mondays Miss Mervina charge Tuesdays years Miss Shockney Tiie reserve club has for its symbol a blue triangle the cor ners representing tiie spirit mind and body The aim is velop these girls own together to develop leadership and whole ana give lessons North terested arc asked one of the clubs at they may join in privilege and others Boys ai'jo the Monon afternoon after George Williams in the JI on on bovs are soni On Saturday afternoon 23 a treasure fmnt the regular movies hunt for each girls and all annual Monon party will be held Saturday Oc tober 30 to which all children of the north end and also their parents are invited asked to cost times ten big awarded Members A and judges At JT'eekly Meeting of City Board of JI orks A remonstrance against the pro posed sewer in the alley between Third and ourth streets from ountain street south to the Mo non railroad tracks was presented at the weekly meeting the board of public works Several property owners were present to voice their sentiments The sewer was order ed constructed heal tli Tiie contract tion of a sewer to Tippecanoe streets be twe Tlel th and ourteenth streets Judgment Returned Against Attorney Tn tiie suit for accounting set tled by a jury in the Clinton cir cuit court Tuesday judgment wa'S rendered against Lovell Ledman local lawyer for not against Ledman and Harlan Stauf fer Stauffer was named as a de fendant in the suit brought by A Sterrett as guardian of Wil liam Brk kler GOODRICH Silvertown Tires CHICAGO LIVE TO CHICAGO Oct 15 (V cent of Agriculture) Hoes 16000 early market generally steady few desirable packing sows moatly toshippers 103 15 higher spots more little action around mid session some blds lower top Jit DO paid for nu mermous loads averaging 210 to 290 15s: bulk JOO to 2U0 lbs J1325'(r J3S0 210 to 320 lb butchers J1350 1H390: most packing sows $1050 1150 few light weights 51165401 185 strong weight slaughter pigs largely 512 00'S 1275 heavy weight hogs $1260 nil 00 mediums $1325 1400 lights Si 290 8 1390: light lights $1175? 1340: packing sows $1000451185 Cattle receipts 4000 generally steady on most killing classes bulla trorg: run Includes fairly liberal pro portion of good and choice fed steersarty top ou long yearlings $1150 heavy steers held around $1075 bulk fed steers and yearlings of quality and ondltlon to sell at 11025 downward few" heavy medium bulls $625 veal mostly to packers Sheep receipts 20000 fat lambs mostly steady choice kind scarce strong: no westerns sold bulk of yna Hves $1375 1400 choice held above $1150 steady to weak bulk strong weigh's 4950 0 1000: sheep steady: bulk of fat ewes 675 beat held above $700: a package of medium wight adged wethers eligible around SS 25 feeding Iambs strong bulk choice quality scarce late Thursday top feeding lambs The aim is to throe phases i The clubs have their and brinjj girls definite program Li i he bus been in4 a traveling salesman arc the willow in Ur It Burlington altogether good property having an $500 day when deed and merchantable This property nude last Jui lows: Este: October 23 ber 30 WEST Postmaster General New Will Soon Ask Bids forPrivate Operation of En terprise IMIIANAPOIIS LIVE STOCK INDIANA POLIS Oct 15 Oepartment of Agriculture) Hogs receipts 7000 steady to 35c lower heavies over 300 lbs $132511375 27 to 300 lbs 1325 1375 275 to 200 lbs $1400 250 to 275 lbs $1400: ferdlums 225 to 250 lbs $1400 200 lbs $1400: lights ISO to 300 160 to light lights siauKn irr 1 100 1 225 $102oa II so group of mainlments which a In abbreviated form figure being the ord as voted in the Lafayette survey the second figure being tiie order of Mihm as voted in the itkinsurvey Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me sixth first Thou Shalt not make any graven image tiftli Thou shalt not of the Lord thy eight fourth Remember the Sabbath Day keep it holy ninth fifth Honor thy father and mother seventh Thou shalt not ond Thou shalt not ery tenth eighth Thou shalt not seventh Thou shalt not bear false wit Xew is laying plans in air mail postage them more a flat rate the country re fractlng telescopes in the world the It of the postoffief department to con tinue permanently the operations of the air mail service the post master general said the plan be ing to develop it to a point where its feasibility could be demon strated and then turn it over as commercial flying companies be came strong enough to handle it Brown Drug Co The Prescription Drug Store Phone 597 308 Main St districts ofrop there the liadtrg "ar lots wl th 20 of 4 cars corn grad given office here people who able to go to the election day may vote the clerk's office lc done until inspectors take out the Saturday ay Absent bo mailed office upon application )ctobcr counted must office of the Central I XV A 'will supply girls to assist in the work Miss Winslow lias airanged tiie girls' club schedule which fol lows: Mondays girls 5 to 9 years Miss Ralph MacCurtis in charge girls 10 to 12 years Heavenridge in girls 13 to 17 In charge MONON SPECIAL Burke conductor Charles Love brakeman handle equipment as second 'riday to Bloomington from where they will use the same equipment Bloomington to Chicago handling ami rooters at 12 mld arrive in red $139U 119'4 law 81 oats 100141 99441 99H 106 i 1 05 1 1 J5 LOCAL CASH PRICES $12 Bert Burlington Dies Suddenly at CapitalSpecial to Journal and Courier Bert a native of Attica and a resident litre most of his life died suddenly riday morning at the family home at Indianapolis Death was due to heart trouble and diabetes The deceased was a son of he Ihirlingion ladies' the Master By anthem Taste and See' tn) Helen reading Dlrs Clyde Bodkin male quartet Night Is (Adams) Sa mu 1 Keller Marian Bodkin II A Keller Wm Bod kin trio "Beyond the Setting sun (Barks) Mrs ilel Keller Wm to do Gon Wil a young Wabash is over per Ry will polls in person nt and this may tion plies riday or ceding election ballots will from the ceipt of ginning These ballots to l0 be returned to tiie by registered ipail and must received there In time to be livered t) the respective polls fo they close at 6 election day Paynp I'ayion Anna Payn' nr Milos House anil llo non reftdent said ron resldprt de nald POTATO MARKET CHICAGO Oct 15 Potatoes ceipts 119 cars on track 331 tai shipments 1501 ollnj? ami demand moderate: sUghtlv stronger: Wisconsin ked Nound Whites ungraded SIT59O90 hulk $2153225 poor $1733199 Minnesota sacked Round Whites partly graded shade higher Dakota sacked field frosted mostlv around Russets $275 29 I higher: nonrly graded Colorado sacked Brown KNIGHTS PYTHIAS All Interested In or ganizing a dancing club are re quested to meet at Castlo Hall riday evening Oct 15 at 7:30 used by Dr of a sermon service Sunday on the As a Builder of The snney article from the itkin appearing ber issue of a made a similar survey ob retnrns from 00 college In this survey the em slnfted away from religion company It 1 in which re creations by tiie Edison were compared with nrtual perform It was announced riday urdue university Choir Concert Sunday The chorus choir ot Grace church Mrs Rawh direc tor ami xMrs A Keller companiste concert Sunday The The following nomiced Hymn "All AT THE MONON SHOPS 1 Davis locomotive fireman was off duty riday Dwight Allee engineer a duty riday resting i Sam Martin is a fireman on the of the Monon McMullen ported for duty and If after a few rest duty games and sports are asked to bring wieners and buns Girl reserve clubs are being or ganized at the Monon under the direction of Miss Helen Win slow secretary division for the A here The urdue I I lbs $1395 1 335: $12501225: ir sn onth 19C5 Cattle tJorfl unchanged heep recciptfl 19 AH strong to higher lambs good and rhol'P $1250 1100 Best heavy shipping flteera 1250 to 1400 pounds Light shipping steers 10ft0 to 1250 pounds Stock steers BULLS AND CA Choice bulls Light butener bulls 550 to (lift DniinJe I Choice veal calves 150 to 210 rounds i near onirnon In 1 11 ami thin the Edison took up the song It was 'lifficult tr tell whether Miss Spencer was ac tually singing or whether her voice was being reproduced on the Edison Likewise Miss Collette and Mr Recd presented Instru mental numbers along with the Edison and again the comparison The recital proved a dellghL et south of the line of tiie Ross (tear and Tool company between Seventh and Eighth streets was ordered acated The board ap ptoved the contract and bond of Vester for the improvement of the alley between ifth and Sixth streets nor from New York street A permit was granted to rank Reimers for the erection ot a one story cement block garac on ourth street tween North ami erry streets Music Studios Teachers Dramatic Art Miss Mildred Smith Piano Mrs Eva Linn McKay Violin and Instruments Prof Walter lute Joseph McClurg Voice Rena rank ENROLL NOW Phone 309 Luna Theater Building Tires Tubrs Accessories High Grade Motor Oils PEERLESS DISTRIBUTORS The i Indiana Tlppecanos Countv as: Hattla Patton Ethel Neal Martha Worts and loyd Pavne vs Rowena Cleaver Eva Payne Mary Ikyiw Dayton Payne Iydin Rauschert Anna Payne Dor othy Milos House and How ri' st anth "Awake ZioM" (Herman Von Lucylc Collins and choir two part chQrus "Behold (Barks) CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE Default having been made 111 the pavment of two certain chattel mort gages executed by Ed Stalnaker of the county of Tippecanoe state of Indiana to the International Harvester Company of America th first on the 2 ith day of January 1 925 filed for record with the recorder for Tippe canoe county on January in i a No 51 agn the second on the loth day of De mb 'r 1925 filc 1 for re ord on the of her in nn age llecnrd N'n 54 pase No upon which mortgages thrp red to be due rrincinnl $275: of $li2GC0 wt CHICAGO CASH PRICES CHICAGO Oct 15 Cash wheat 2 red $139: No I hard L5 com No 2 yellow No 2 whit 7S783icvbite 47fi 47JAr No 3 rye No 2 ji07tc Tjmntny Roenover need $29003525 1: fl bin $1550 After Short Illness Mis Emma Tmltl 61 years old die I Thursday owning at 7 at the Home hospital following a surgical operation Im hint ill but a few days and death imexneetedl Airs Tod 1 was in southern Indiana and later lived at South Bend or tiie past three years she had made her home with her daughter Mrs Crepps 540 Northwestern avenue West Lafayette She was a mem ber of the Christian church Sur viving are tiie daughter Mrs and two will WALL STREET NEW ronx Oct Rerow of fhi motor hares and llqiiid ton of minor specialties unsettled the the start of trading f'll a to 50 ami nn I shares the Vo oxrep inn yielded Rawles Sam Bodkin anthem Slmnliel Ad Donnaih ll Thelma La and hi ir rani' for (Wyatt) Helen solos a mipnnied by Mrs Haven Smal ley Supper was served by JTof and Mrs Robbins and their assistants representing section VI of the congregation nkeman has on the "nig wns i warded to The alley 121 north property SUNDAY SCHOOL CONERENCE TO BE ATTRACTIVE (Continued from page one) the of RO efino' county 4 Land an4 S'1 at rff'f'p tn i Church Night Program Pleases Large Number Tiie first of the Jackson 97 433 Wea erry SI 6 to tal 311S3 Tn hdditlon County rhrk Jackson lias been given re serve state ballots totalling 2000 One tTionsnnd absent bal lots have been apportioned to the countv VOTER BALLOTS Applications for absent ballots nro! already bein: out and By the Associated Press) CHICAGO Oct cowry that one of lected to try Joe liquor gang leader connection John rival times pitals tivities in was made and the quest was in abeyance until morrow after the last gang slay ings those of Earl Weiss and a companion by machine gun shojgun rifle and pistol fire in front of Holy Name cathedral in busy State street three days ago The state Insisted today the entire a mistrial case lint mental and that at that the man aging board Qf tiie Harb quin club had chosen Siegfried of tiie university faculty as the coach of tiie 1927 Harlequin show This will lie the eighteenth annual pro duction of the well known college theatrical organization Mr Siegfried as a member of the English department at dne developed the Little Theater at tiie university which has made steady progress in its presentation of high class plays and also or ganized the All Revue an other popular thespian enterprise urdue His "Heun niieii at homecoming time last an 'artistic success that much popularity This All Revue production is "Assorted with Mr Sieg fried as director The new Harlequin coach and the board will soon make a se lection for the 1927 play which will be presented in April or May of next year Mr Siegfried is the first faculty member ever se lected as Harlequin director and his appointment gives him direct charge of all student theatricals at urduo The lojrii of nMfc vo ks of said Hie has fixed Wednesday oher 13 1 926 at 7:30 Tn as the t'm when sild hoard will receive and hear re monstrances from persons interested in or affected as the tlmo fl 1 a nn a 'inji nhail be final and conclusive on all prsunfl held fairly Sweri ngf'n Chvsa to profit WHOLESALE PRODUCE Price! for October 15 candled (wholesale jobbing) dozen 40 43 Hens 20 23 Spring chickens Old roosters Leghorn liens meks Jury Trials Set Special to Journal and Courier OWLER Ind OcL Joseph stes charged with stealing an automobile Charles Clark charged with intoxication and driving a car while in this condition and John Hatfield held on a forg h'irge plend! not guilty arraigned this Billings in ili nni in I vi 1 I By Ike Associated rese1 CHICAGO Oct 15 Late flattening out of buying pov market today gave tv 4S Weakness of stocks bail au unsettling Hffoct Houses with eastern connec tions led the selling of wheat Wheat closed nervous lower corn down decline to a shade and provlslonfl unchnnged IJIKH Notwithstanding that Chicago wheat prices at times today proved respon sive to Increasing strength of the Liv erpool market the effect was more or less counter balanced by advices that the principal Influence abroad was advancing vessel rates and scarc ity of ocean tonnage a circumstance construed as bearish on the Atlantic Meanwhile frost in Argentina said whAAt resulted details were not yet available Comment here by crop authorities is to the effect that if as reported Seigfried Is Named By Board as Coach of 1927 Show Succeeds in Little Theater ENGINE BREAKDOWN Monon passt ngr train was delayed at Greencastle Thurs day morning on account of a radios rod on engine 450 breaking down The engine was in charge of George Miller' engineer and Walter Ehler conductor Engine No 513 was used to take the train on to Louisville after No 15 had been left at MeDoel for repairs The swine trade was an uneven basis riday The shipping demand was weak and a fair supply enabled packers to light lor Heavy hogs broke ai while lighter quoted steady prices 1 bearish through oil ers seem afraid they are selling 4'n)v u'prn in sol I at $1350 Lambs sold at $11 and the cattle trade was strong HOGS Market steady to 35e lower Return Loads load or part 8 load from Danville Ill Ri Champaign Ill by Tuesday next to or from Indianapolis at 2 o'clock tool invited 519 521 Waldron St LA AYETTE The postmaster general reiter ated today that no company couldsuccessfully operate commercial air service on a mail contract alone but must also be prepared 13S7 1400 13 8711395'137 13551370 1 3 50113 13 4 1357jl3S0 13 6013 65 13 5 to eon ference people at one time "ii" room Stunts songs and yells with an address bV Dr Art man will make up Hie grain In the Tippecanoe Circuit cuurt September term A IX 1926 Be it remembered That on tlls day of A 192'5 the al MIDWAY AUTO SALES AND SERVICE Peerless Distributor and Salem Sts 1 5S ca Ives 25n to 400 One used Mode! 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by red Miller of Dayton George Batt of Ixical talent will present special musical features feature ot the conference program each year is tlnj banquet which will be served in the ore mory doba Arsentln' It is a serious ur Coiduba is uno of the Mg Arkviitma ana tne is Stu ted to he now and blossom tody: Vlwat 33 eonlra urude: last rars with 166 Ot last ear 116 cars Itli 23 ot umigation upholstered furniture rugs etc We kill Qi all moth life including the unhatched eggs CHICAGO CHICAGO Oct AcHlntfl L679 tubs 1 'tr 45 fltandardfl 421 44c firsts S' ends 35371i? 44 35 ases 'E MA A 1 4 PHONE 4 39 5 Storage Repairing Our Nrw Spac'd Spra Washing Open Day and Night Garage New ireproc Third and erry Sis Delightful Recital Storage Blind Boy Musician 200 to 300 pounds 13 180 to 200 pounds 13 170 to ISO pounds 13 160 to 170 pounds 1 Lighter weights.

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