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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana • 1
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Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana • 1

Lafayette, Indiana
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JOURIK INAL 22 2404 NORTHWESTERN GREATER! NEWSPAPER LAAYETTE WEDNESDAY EVENING APRIL 3 1929 No 80 Vol 10 THE JOURNAL ESTABLISHED 20 TWO CENTS THE COURIER ESTAB1JSHED 1M1 Priest Shot by Irate ather WISCONSIN WETS VICTORIOUS StateJBriefs IN VOTE AGAINST PROHI LAW ON NACO CITY AND REAGH RASE lied docket in the United states conn unities were reported The eighth bomb was a dud DEKING SLAYING OUST WILLIAMS TO GOH LESLIE been shot down HELD BY JURORS AS DIRECTOR 'BIG BILL' MS AS UNN EGLSSA 0 HIGHWAY ROBY IN VOTING TEST rob LAW BULLETIN the Mrs little town WAR VETERAN IS a' pollin Double OPTIMIST HEAD Many Respond in Sep Over 200 Purdue university stu pi? A CT? latidents including football players fLAUL UOIIUIj 11 papa" true vice president Cprrnta they have Southworth close personal friend the liquor from his home bought the pint of moonshine but Mr Southworth Wednesday morn hn TACTinnl urn a ftexrxx ing Heffelfinger for some time Thieves Steal Lard MICHIGAN KILLS of was described by into a home made fire alarm gong Ark a Plumbers Electricians I'Kri ft AvX Lt 1 lt 1 tf fviv 1 11 Lz AJTu0 1 Ly Oxford died Sundav of burns pendietin Middleton Elwood Tip received tn the accident The Weather (jntinued on Page Nineteen) aidermen Two of profess even to discern a quiet sadness in the de of both because of the on he its present the expres by a large block of its Prendergast had the back the "reform new city council which will which has man which based whom John Creek Inter Kern the and hospital bed at shot in leg by the Dekings said the shooting that he tripped was sentenced to two years In oft reaeral penitentiary tor auto theft two was it has been exposed light Esgosterol is a common fungus that until recently attention today er the sol the decided by thereby re on the city two years ebruary 26 that of yes and telephone have been de Hello Says Anne! How Are You? Response and members of university show casts which he has coached vol unteered Wednesday morning when it was learned that blood was needed for a transfusion into the veins of Russell Siegfried pop ular director of Purdue Harlequinclub and other shows i under the non partisan law publicans gained seven seats i the recent elections The purpose of of the present down to defeat SOUTH Thedore Lindall 56 was fatally burned and his son Everett 16 seriously burned when a gas tank exploded In their made the search warrant unable to state ton Converse dria The burglars entered through a rear window and loaded a big truck with nearly all the goods in the store Eichman estimated his loss at mqpj than 15000 retreat from bloody halted this Swayzee and Goshen ire in ment of the Schwartz store damaged property approxi matejy $25000 NO OIL POWER WASHINGTON April (AP) Secretary Wilbur today informed representatives of the American petroleum institute that Attorney General Mitchell had ruled that the ederal Oil Conservation board had no power to grant approval of the Institute's proposed produc tion curtailment LONESOMENESS OR GIRL COSTS HIM JUST $900 Lebanon Burglary According to a long distance vers" the comparatively peaceful area of Tamaulipas TAKES PRECAUTIONS But even then he took precau tions commission after hearing this ouster charges Williams mission liams as director PURDUE WBECK OOTBALL ODES Times Change as amous Lone Eagle lies Many Hundreds of Miles Off Course in War Torn Mexican Sector to Escape Being Shot Down as Rebel viator Parachute as Precaution investi of arrest intoxi before to out building near the home by a son Marshall Coroner rasch of Lafayette was notified and made an investigation of Optimist International Dr Sears of Purdue business suit the first time he has been seen with one in Mexico City months ago when he landed at Valbuena field after his non stop flight here from Wash ingtou a hundred thousand Mexi cans greeted him Yesterday he found only a score or so of field attendants When Colonel Lindbergh arrived here yesterday he flew several miles out of his way to dip low over the American embassy and' Inform Miss Anne he had arrived It was not' believed he had noti fled her of his intention to make a visit just at thia time i VETERAN HIKER VISITOR IN CITY Commission Votes Ouster After Brief Public Hear ing on Charges Preferred Last Week their save Mr Nies Mexico the un tel cut be sought at a session next recommenda jury STATE WILL NOT ENORCE CLEANUP ON CORN BORER orecast for Indiana: Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday slightly warmer tonight Local temperature from 7 a Tuesday to 7 a TO Wednesday: Mign 58 low 37 No precipitation in the building when broke put and have seen since march circulation rit vI 23835 nt The amendment became effective immediately Under a graduated system of penalties the dry law offender convicted of a fourth of fense now is subject to a term from 2 to 15 years at Terre Haute was cleared with the sentencing of a long list of liquor law violators' and the sen tencing of Carl Clayton and Cor rlne Stone to three years for vio lating the Mn'n act Clayton also Charged with carrying a con cealed weapon Nelson Churchill of Chicago was givena fine of $100 and costs and a sentence of 90 days at the State farm when he pleaded guilty Wednesday morning In police court before Judge Raymond Robertson Being unable to pay his fine the farm sentence was extended to a 200 day period Churchill who is a World war veteran caused a considerable commotion Saturday afternoon when he threatened to shoot Wil liam Heffner at the Liberty res taurant wife is an employ at the establishment When arraigned before the court Churchill refused to offer any ex planation for his act He Is said to be suffering from ill health and seemed agitated being able to breathe only with difficulty when tn court William Payne who was ed Tuesday afternoon for cation also was arraigned the court pleaded guilty charge and was fined $10 costs ear Three Lost SAULTE STE MARIE April (AP) Two men one woman are believed to lost their lives when fire destroy ed the home of Robert Rob'ertson at Goulals bay 20 miles from! here late last night Robertson his wife and the former's father I were blaze been who tried to disperse a of loiterers near MILWAUKEE April Anti prohibitionists scored a victory in the referendum election yesterday whfen an over whelming sentiment in favor of repealing the Severson state prohibition enforcement act was registered Returns from 1531 of the state's 2759 precincts rep NACO Sonora Mexico April 3 Accompan by a sudden troop movement in a wide semi circle ap orces of Chicago Mayor Capture 9 Out of 11 Ai dermen and Retains Council Control trains and safety of Chihuahua CHICAGO April The forces of Mayor Thomp son won nine out of the eleven aldermanic positions voters yesterday and tained a lirm grip council tor the next The victoi in the election coupled with terday gives the mayor and sup porters cn nis "American first" platform 36 out of the 50 votes in the city council two more than are required to pass appropriation Executive Recipient of Oval in Disaster Which Almost Wiped Out Team of Which He Was Member PERU Ind April Governor Harry Leslie today was the possessor of the football Inch was to have been used in the game between Purdue and In diana universities in 1903 when a railroad wreck almost wiped out the Boilermaker team as it was journeying toward Indianapolis The governor was a member of the Purdue teaffi and was critical ly injured in the accident The football was presented to the governor here last night at the annual goodwill dinner of the Glenn Owens post pf the American Legion The presentation wasmade by 10 year old Bobbie Coak ley whose grandfather Charles Specht of Indianapolis recovered the ball front the wrecked Purdue university football train 26 years ago Bobble wore the headgear of a football player granddaddy found the foot ball at the the youngster told the chief and gave it to me years ago It Is yours and I want to give it to The governor addressed the gathering and launched a forceful attack on un American propa ganda and radical activities in his speech American Legion with its motto God and will be the greatest force in defeating the attempts of agitators tostrike iat thefotindations of Governor Leslie said red A Wieckig state legion ddmrnander alBQ spoke mannered in years The only vio lence reported was the slugging of Policeman William Hanke in vestigator tor the state's Office crowd place our went them were Thompson candidates and two were opposed to the ad ministration The feature contest was in the Librarians Meet ANDERSON Ind April (AP) One hundred librarians and library trustees attended a district meeting of the Indiana Library association here Visit ors from Indianapolis Noblesville Marion Muncie Kokomo Gas City the Deking I fusion was decided up Ray I I (INS) The Indiana I a a afternoon on aaainst John director of the moved to remove Over 200 Purdue Students Offer Blood for Har lequin Coach of Mr Siegfried and leader In Harlequin club shows volunteered tnej to assist Of the many students wswho offered themselves 18 were selected for blood tests along with The Occident occurred after roadhouse party member of the notorious Pendleton gang escaped from the new jail here to tr'y'c gangster is Cain an escaped convict from Xhe Oklahoma peni tentiary ieu uy a buaaen troop movement a wide semi circle ap the base jparently converging toward this federal stronghold two ye aprprox? lree tonbing planes swooped over Naco this morningdropped eight bombs and roared back to their base Seven of thp misRilpg OV nlvltw) wit nrt TERRE HAUTE The criminal! ucunagc taa CHICAGO April 3 (AP) When Ole A Lee a janitor by trade read an ad in the matri monial paper about the shy little 22 year old red headed girl all alone and oh so lonesome! it almost made him cry He was still on the verge of tears when he faced her in Judge Joseph McCarthy's court room or one reason she had her husband with her or another reason Lee ex plained to the court advanced her $900 in $100 'installments to pay for a trousseau that never graced his march to the altar And for still a third reason he explained he discovered too' late that exactly 699 other men had read the ad and were in the field as rivals So yesterday he led a raid on het flat and had both Mrs Helen Goodrich and her husband arrested on a disorderly conduct charge Judge McCarthy continued the case until next Monday to decide what if anything to do about it Angered by the prosecution of his son who was arrested for bing the church poor box Guatno Menna according to Chicago po lice shot the Rev Charles A Erkenswick 60 pastor of the Holy Ghost German Catholic church three times wounding him danger ously as the priest extended his hand to take some letters which Menna was handing him Menna is shown above with police of ficers shortly after the shooting April Pope just as many of the Minch A Jergens Glen Har Aitkenhead Loop the Ray Pie shop at Central and ourth street Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 4 o'clock and made off with a 60 pound pail of lard The front door was left open on leaving Ont I and i have composed of six I LllcLL ind Potent Drug NEW YORK April A drug which Is thousand times as potent as the well known cod liver oil Dr Alfred Hess of Bellevue before the American Institute The powerful substance is er gosterol after to ultra violet an extract of named ergot attracted little got is considered as perhaps a partof every animal and vegetable cell jjtfiich makes it one of the import ant constitutents of the human bodr Broken Back atal DECATUR Ind April (AP) Joe Paolicchi 27 of Chicago died at a hospital here as a result of a broken bacfe and other in juries sustained last Saturday whin the automobile in which he and Miss Martha Knisely 19 of Chicago were riding turned and was destroyed by fire on road No 27 near here Miss Knisely a freshman at Miami university Advcriuu JLnployes Etc Total Average Circulation JUAREZ Chihuahua April The fate of rebel army at Jimenez was known here today a break in egraph and telephone lines nil rnmmnnfnaTlnn tween the twi towns The last report on the battle re ceived here yesterday afternoon by way of City said the rebels had captured 1000 federal soldiers in the battle and that a federal airman had by a rebel pilot telegraph lines were said to stroyed by the force of an explo sion of dynamite on jl rebel train when the carrier crashed into a freight mous for a law Gov 2 The origin of the fire has red Green signed the Watson been determined house bill eliminating 120 I felonies from the list of crimes' He is the son of slaughter Charge AURORA Ill April (AP) Indictment of a deputy sheriff for manslaughter and possible perjury action against a county dry agent will be special grand jury week as a result of tions by a coroner's the fatal shooting Deking jury business men foiind Delegates to the national con Luisa Okla wwa 'chosen in the persons of Messrs Hiner and Kern Delegates to a district convention at Cleveland are Messrs Thomas and Kern A great deal of friendly rivalry and burlesque electioneering mark ed the election New officers will be formally installed at a night din ner to be held next Monday eve ning at 5:45 In the Lahr hotel Speakers will be Walter Referendum Shows Overwhelming Sentiment in Repeal of State Enforcement Act No Doubt State Legislature Will Shape Its Action as Result of Voting Test It was not from a from the Deklng The he said In! 1 me latter in i floor I Mrs Leonard and her dajighter jumped before they could be per suaded to use a ladder which a neighbor had erected Leonard dashed up the ladder and entered a second story window He did not appear again ACTRESS KILLED ROCHELLE PARK April 3 (INS) Katherine MacDonald once considered one of the most beautiful actresses on the motion picture screen was killed here early today when the automobile she was riding in skidded off the road at terrific speed and crashed 1 101' to have had difficulty per spring been in be ll is was The margin was orty secqud wardwhlctedncludes eal In Milwaukee part of the gold hotel I Pray of Indianapolis vice presl ueu and ROME netitive Williams declared PiUS XI the whole move to oust him from noted men has his the position he has held for seven years was backed by cheap sincere politicians" the I who I PRISONERS ESCAPE I in JX7AJLJV7 'Arir Anril 9 niA1T)our Prisoners held on $42 robbery charges one an aiieceri 11 namVo Ai GIVEftSENTENCE Threat To Shod Restaurant' Man Leads to Court and 200 Days at Penal arm a iULLklVV WAX Zlylii tre Mexico's internal strife has cast nOL charlnw tbo rnmnnrA of Colonel Charles A Lindbergh and Miss Apne Morrow It is dif ferent Mexico which the colonel is visiting now and both he and his fiancee seem aware of the change Some certain meanor travail which the country which gave them their romance and which has been so friendly to them Is undergoing said Anne "How are you?" responded the There were smiles and hand shakes all around before the party entered an automobile to drive to the embassy AR COURSE In flying here yesterday from California Colonel Lindbergh went many hundreds of miles out of his way to escape passing over war torn suther Chihuahua and pos telephone call received at the lo cal police headquarters from the Lebanon authorities the Isador Hlghman dry goods store was bur glarized there Tuesdav niht of mean 47 1 100 expensive dresses 5 25 coats and 18 fur neck pieces to the legislature at session to carry out Sion of the voters NO EECT ON vote will have no effect upon the state enforcement laws until the legislature acts and the vote is not binding upon the lawmakers the referendum' was to obtain the sentiment of voters There ap peared no doubt however but that the legislature would shape its action by the result of the voting Returns complied by the Asso ciated Press indicated the major ity in favor of repeal would be cnnsiderablv less than was record ed In 1926 when the referendum I ordinances memoralizing congress to modify LITTLE VIOLENCE the Volstead act to permit the The vote was light and the elec manufacture and sale of 275! beer I tion was one of the most mlld carried by a margin of ITZODu ive counties which favored modification two years ago switch ed to oppose repeal of the state enforcement act These were: Bayfield Eau Claire Juneau Mon roe and Trempealeau 1 Milwaukee county vindicated lhe claim of the wets that It was their stronghold by favoring repeal by a five to one vote which far offset the majority in support of the prohibition law rolled up tn dry rural territory sn Inre for reneal and: other large cities of the state that the later returns expected from dry territory was not ex pected to cut Into the wet major ity appreciably sold coast on one end and on the other Aiderman Dorsey Crowe was re elected defeating Richard Prendergast by 1519 votes Al though Crowe voted consistently against the administration during the last two years he was sup ported forces ing of The be Inaugurated April 22 will com prise 27 republicans and 23 demo crats although all were elected ne in used shoj gun Roudebush took a 12 gauge shot gun and placed it against his heart apparently holding the weapon with one hand and in some way using the hand to pull the trigger No one heard the report Shot but he is believed to have been 'dead only a short time when The body was re Bakpr funeral par lors in Dayton The discharge did not penetrate the body but the breast wasj badly torn I The dead man had been in poor health tot several years and is sain i forming farm work this Mrs Roudebush has also ill health These matters ileved' to have weighed mind to the extent that led to take his life ATrtER EIGHT Mr Roudebush was born Sep tembeit 21 1882 in Wea township Tippecanoe county and was a son of the late Jacob and Mary Ron debush His wife was formerly Carrie Platt He had always been a farmer Surviving are the widow eight children Kgnneth Marshall Thresa Doris Clayton Dale Betty and William all at home one brother Thomas Roudebush of St Louis and four sisters Mrs Roy Ashby Lafayette Mrs Earl Stitcher Stockwell Mrs Eva Breadburt of Montana and Mrs Myrtle Winter of Missouri Rob Clothing Store LEBANON Ind April Eichman Eichman cor here came to his establishment today IT fH? MAYOR lhe discovered thieves apparently 11LLJ A vll professionals had literally wiped ALBANY Ind April 3 out his entire stock during the (AP) Charles McLinn ousted Inight as principal or New Albany high school in 1927 after 23 years of service announces he will file no i tice of his candidacy for mayor on the republican ticket resenting every section of the state showed 205812 in fa vor of repealing the enforce ment act and 103092 opposed to repeal On the other ques tion of removing the home brew penalty the vote was: Yes 192 065 No 104042 As returris continued to add to the majority In favor of eliminat ing the prohibition enforcement act from the statute books through legislative action wets claimed that the margin of victory would on nnn Recommend that DeJy state Senator Thomas Duncan so Smith Who ired ata! icialist author of the referendum the result of which he maintained Shot Be Held on Man would be regarded as a mandate Hire Lawyer to ight Monon Merger BLOOMINGTON Ind April (INS) rank aris local at he testified that woman and not home but at a spot nearby purchase was made HpHnlf nf airnhlM his official account said the liquor was bought from "a woman about 50 years Mrs Deking was much younger The jury in its verdict found that Mrs DeKing had come to her death from gun shot wounds in flicted by Roy Smith during a raid on the DeKing home The shoot ing was termed unnecessary and the warrant on which the raid was made was called illegal by the cor jury which asked the grand jury to inquire into the warrant also Gerald slim fair haired anddressed In knickers was the prin cipal witness at the inquest He told how he had shot and wounded Smith after watching the deputy club his father into Insensibility and shoot and fatally wound his mother BOY AIM "I just picked up a revolver and 'shot said boy wlthoilt a quaver in his voice" "I didn't aim I just In one vital point the tes timnnv disnuted that of the den it 1 dmi ki from tfe nncnif'il rAt I in Elgin earlier in the day had I told the jury DeKing was a pistol at him when he stumbled and shot her accidentally after the boy shot him Gerald said his mother was seat ed at a telephone calljng for help when Smith fired at her and that he himself did not shoot until his mother had fallen The boy fol lowed bis father on the stand and climbed into the witness chair after his father had whispered let 'em fool you He was playing with his toy air plane he said when the deputies first arrived His father he re lated had gone to bed and George Stafford who operates a filling sta tion in front of the DeKing home was sitting with him Stafford he said told the raiders that he was not the proprietor said Gerald "one of went to the basement and came back up as big as you please with some wine daddy had The boy said he awoke his fath er who told the raiders to get out or show a search warrant which lie said they failed to do His father took one of the deputies and pushed him out and the oth which draw the life nenaltv for Tnf'nl still not of the best: natural herbs I fourth offense are used as a remedy to aid walk Ing and fresh air He will prob ably go from here to Kokomo BURIED IN WHEAT EVANSVILLE Ind Anril 3 When he arrived here hei(AP) Joseph Wilson emoloved wore a parachute over his gray in repairing a wheat tank at a local milling plant was seriously hurt when he lost his footing and fell into the wheat He was buried so deenlv In the rain that it required practically an "hour (JI NS) When Isadore witn tne neip ot firemen to ex proprietor oi the tricate him jrect dress for women store HUNG JURY WEST PALM BEACH la April On the result of an autopsy performed late yesterday upon the bodv of a State Committment papers were com the findings of a jury pleted and given Sheriff Charles investigating the death of the Johnston in circuit court onclul)nian The jury will report a vllv V4 XO ML VllCz I xz a AVZVV state vs Tony Minardo 15 who' received' a sentence to the school at Plainfield' he reaches the age of 21 or is i ELDORADO legauy reieasea iviinarao charged with having taken from the till of a Standard Oil service station Ninth and Kossuth streets last January besides sev eral other offenses of Mr and Mrs rank Minardo Owen street RANKORT The rankfort1 high school state champion basket ball team was feted by home town oiks and ZoO visitors er for President Instal lation Set for April 8 Wlble Hiner cashier of the Pur due State bank was elected pres ident of the Optimist club for the coming year at the annual club election held in connection with the weekly luncheon meeting Wednesday noon at the Lahr ho tel He succeeds Dr Creek Other new officers elected are: A Cummings WAlrer TC sergeant at arms That youthful voice broke the and Herbert Heimlich loll 1 ex ixn rri 1 Continue Their Striked Rochester April 3 So far as could be learned on Eugene Leonard 39 his Wednesday there was no change daughter Iavina 15 and his jjpn in the strike situation created I Eugene jr 4 were burned to when union plumbers and electri 1 death today when fire destroveYl 9 9 QrQ rnrll Oort 4 vt a fX i A 2 aa jmands for new wage and hour i here agreements Members of both i The mother Mrs Jennie Iean crafts continued on strike with ard as nnd nor the result that building activities daughter were seriously Injured in wrucn xney nave neen engagedlwhen they jumped from an upper ULU LUL CMC unit: neiu up STOCKWELL Ind April 3 (Special) Henry Roudebush 46 farmer living one mile west of Stockwell on the Ray Skinner farm shredded his heart and breast with a shotgun early this morning to commit suicide The dead body was found at 5:30 this morning in an decision in which the entnmnlneist i 'cxiia ms ixssiMicuiia were ausiaineu npii tin ineir in tha lands of farmers over the protest of skirts of his Thomas ithe owner to destroy cornstalks orjb nv cossock about him and left Sams IX nn orint tn zmiM 1 rtrhtsT infnefon rriil tnn 't viivu a borer iDe mterviewer endeavoring to vention at uui Tiir iiii i tn rinr i ri nnn i rr i wni Micnifiran onio ano in dlana are not enforcing the clean Jny nd no' wlU up regulations this year manynot te 1 you my reaI narne farmers will go ahead with the! program as a matter of personal I CIV TX7T7C Wallace said lA XjUjUj LiJL JLjo He pointed out that the borer ttvt I7TL'D'V IirniV continues to spread and that com 1J JUL 11 1 JtlvJiVlJtL mercial loss is inevitable if pest is not held in check HOME IS RAIDED BY DRY AGENTS KENDALLVILLE Ind April 2 (INS) Officers raided the home of John Heffelfinger a jus tice of the peace at Churubusco near here todav and found reported a gallon of alleged hard liquor Heffelflneer was alleged to been dispensing both the law and The authorities charged that Heffelfinger had used his office to cover up alleged bootlegging ac tivities I An affidavit has been drawn up charging Heffelfinger with Illegal possession and sale of Intoxicating With the result of the tests be liquor according to prosecutor fnrp him flip nhvsIHan iRflinh Probst The POSeCUtor Said i chose Bill Miller as having the I that he had been trying to trap blood best suited for the desired purposes Miller has played lead ing roles in several plays coached by Mr Siegfried and also has been fullback on the Purdue foot ball team It was expected the transfusion would be made some time Wednesday afternoon Other students offering mood in tne effort to life were A Lynes Dickerson A Mac kenzie Norman Booher George Southworth Craig A Leubenstein rener Miller meson Elckman Springer and Sleight armer Near Stockwell Uses Shotgun to Blow Out Heart Henry Roudebush 46 Living on Ray Skinner arm Despondent Over Ill Health of Self and Wife Ends Life Body ound by Son Samuel Pogarman 28 a Can adian World war veteran who has been hiking over the country since 1922 stopped in Lafayette Tuesday and Wednesday Left in ill health as a result of a gas at tack during the war Pogarman started walking seven years ago and has kept it up To date he ha? traveled 22000 miles most on foot and has visited 43 states of the union and five Canadian1 pro vinces He hones to see every country of the globe and then! 44 ex 1 I A sx a 1 rw AA ex A vnic Ml Ills UUVCIO AC ue ia iieaueu iur xituutiA turn uie east coast of Canada from where he hopes to said for Europe En route he takes and sells photo graphs in this way earning his living Although life out of doors has benefitted his health Vanishing Old Doblin Must Still be Shod SOUTH BEND Ind April (AP) Old Dobbin though not so imuch in demand as in years gone (by still must be shod i In session here tonight were 35 master horseshoers and black smiths representing the survivors of a profession which in 1915brought 180 representatives to the convention A A A rx A I rxn rx At ex 4ft 17 A I Will? Ul L1IC llltCl sibly being mistaken atid shotlngr in South Bend the last one down for a rebel aviator Instead until now there were 37 black 1 of taking the short' cut from El smiths in the citv employing 42 PAso to Mexico City he flew the masters and 23 journeymen Today Ipn fh cif tba flrdnHo fn fexxx i Brownsville Texas so as to tra (masters and four journeymen cians were refused in their de 1 their home at Chila Station xi xt i A Tin f(ir npw xvn era rtl ncro HINER CHOSEN In Local Pie Shop torney has been employed by the city council to represent Bloom Thieves pried open the door of fight to prevent the merging of the Monon railway with the Bal timore and Ohio road The council appropriated $1000 ex penses aris Is an Indiana university graduate and formerly was located in Indianapolis or several years also he was the senior examiner of the evaluation department of the interstate commerce commis sion in Washington the DETROIT April An aged woman a man and four chil dren all negroes were burned to death here today when de stroyed their two storv frame home OR A PINT I The dead are Bertha Ricjiard xl All son 57 Geore Hankins 38 Wil LANSING Mich April 3 Ham Hankins 7 reda Hankins (AP) Michigan revoked its fa 4 Leon Jones 3 and Dolma Jones wirMin i zzi ii A Intv fe rr 0 ax as icxvv i ill i i ir i ii it i ti i riM rxx nu niir This officer whose two day at tack on Jimenez culminated late yesterday in almost complete rebel withdrawal from the and the most decisive victory of the revolt reformed his troops nvuiiiK io ioiiow ana thp fihpl ormv I1UUI1 III nivii Kuo 1 hppn lari rArc9ZM4o 11 vr Vir AVz tile: old Lt? UOllotz 3nntrX WilllamSi uviiaii nits ihuvq faced charges of neglect of duty Commander in Chlef Gen inefficlency and insubordination eral Jose Gonzalo Escpbar It The allegations were made sev 1 was believed a small rebel rear eral days ago after Williams hadimrd left at Jiminez had aband refused to resign joned the town during the night Supplementing a general denial jalso permitting its complete occu to twenty two specific charges pation by federate brought against him by the com 1 ederal commanders estimated mission Williams said that he was I the rebel dead during the two days orderednot tO place1 Im thertfiestflgtltlng with many' de "A certain secret contract on the iserjfjons i and many wounded Little side for press on solid tires" wlthivYas said of? federal looses the General Tire And Rubbeh dom 11 pany prevent other bidders from becoming advised of the ad 1 vantage extended to the Tire company The highway director also charged that the commission pur 1 chased guard rails "without com gating Lillian The Aurora the slaying of Mrs Deking during a county dry raid at her home March 25 was It recommended that the grand jury "inquire into all conditions sur rounding the raid that led to the The verdict held that Deputy Sheriff Roy Smith who fired the shot that killed Mrs Deking be held on a charge of manslaughter "We believe from the evidence" the verdict continued the warrant upon which the raid was basett was the result of a false affidavit by Eugene Boyd air child an attache of the attorney's office Smith the deputy gave his tes tunony from a 'Elgin He was during the raid son Gerald He was accidental and unintentionally discharged a shotgun as Mrs Deking advanced as though to shoot him BOY CLEARS CASE The testimony of 12 year old Gerald Deking contradicted the account in some particu lars The boy said his mother had 1 not risen from the table at which! she sat telephoning when the deputy fired His father Joseph Deking was unable to testify con cerning the shooting having been knocked unconscious by the dep uty a rew seconds before The elder Deking testified thatidents no searen warrant was produced at either of the two visits made by 'the raiders the night of March 25 However William Hale Treadwell one of the deputies testified that when he started to draw the war rant from his pocket Deking said: that hanV (n vnur nn III Ul Vi X4 XJ C4AXVX XJ VX1 blow your head j(r Siegfried te a patient in St TESTIIES INDING LIQUOR (Elizabeth hospital and his con Treadwell also testified that someldition was reported Wednesday to and four or five pints ofibe serious When a blood trans aiconoi were found at home Philip Johnson the ori was from REBELS RETREAT MEXICO CITY April (AP) irecipitate rebel Jimenez after fighting there morning at a burned railway bridge north of the city ight troop trains which left Jimenez late yesterday 'under cov er or the heaviest fighting of revolt were stalled while 1Iat A ni nl In rurvil IMrMAKIAnCIIO I 1 A i 'V I IA te I in rx ii ina April bridge ntgnway Between the nr i i i i 1 1 i ex AU' 2 ex kiw cuy mere were seven otner burn ed bridges and it was believed com the rebel retreat at least so far Wil ias the rail lines were concerned lhad been halted Resort to high Iwnve nnmno trniit Alir A in I vi2iz (jvi tinv win £zcvx ail xpi INDIANAPOLIS April 3 (AP)ieasy pursuit by federal troops un John Williams appearing be der General Almazan iuie uic smie ingnway commission today to defend himself against! oeing ousted as director accused members of the commission with hiding a "certain secret and with being guilty of other mis conduct of office A public hearing on the ouster charges began this afternoon in the state house annex 1 i In this instance the resemblance is heightened by the fact that the Club Elects West Side Bank cv vBAiv aii eiueiiy X5tn edictfne father who is in Rome on I a mission connected with his or 1400th anniversary soon to i be celebrated at the mother house Monte Cassino i A group Of children snddenlv INDIANAPOLIS Ind April 3 (stopped in the midst of their (AP) The state games and approached with awe office will not issue regulations Was it really the Holy ather and will not attempt to enforce taking advantage of the end of the cleanup this spring of lands his to come up on the Infested with the corn borer rank 'heights and see St Peter's dome Wallace state entomologist said from a distance? today i statement came shortly the pope) one of them secretary treasurer atter aq Indiana appellate court claimed 1 nomas 1 1 1 1 XL a 1 ei A I LT rxfPrrt ine Beneaictine rather Clnh Cnunrii nr Johnston and Claude 1.

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